Snack Time

When: 11:34 pm

Where: Bed. Watching Jon & Kate + 8 on TiVo

What: Pop Tarts (frosted blueberry)

I love pop tarts, both frosted and plain. When I have the plain pop tarts I spray butter on them while they're still warm. Ummmmmm, so good. In the picture you can see Lucy Jane hoping I will be kind enough to drop a piece for her to clean up. No dice. I actually went downstairs two more times. Yes, 6 pop tarts in all. I had a really bad dream later.


Kyle said...

Jason also made Pop Tarts at midnight last night and left the oven on 440 degrees all night long. He is now banned from the stove....if anyone needs a Christmas gift idea for Jason, think toaster.


Clan Hill said...

I thought I was the only one who liked butter on pop tarts! I learned it from my cousin.
I think I might be the ONLY person who doesn't watch Jon and Kate plus 8. Not that I don't want to, there's just way too much I like on t.v.!

Stacy said...

ooooh, I love butter on pop tarts AND Jon and Kate + 8!!!!!!