Creme Brulee for Change

To celebrate the election, Jason made Creme Brulee. He used a mix which called for 1 cup of cream, 1 cup of milk, and sugar. He added vanilla and it was awesome. You can make the real thing with egg yolks and lots of time/patience, but these mixes are just as good.

Creme Brulee is Jason's all-time favorite dessert. A few years ago, I bought him a kitchen torch to burn the sugar topping on creme brulee. We had just moved to Nashville and were living in an apartment. I came in from work one day to find Jason sitting on the couch in just his underwear roasting giant marshmallows (that were on the ends of chopsticks) with the kitchen torch. It was at that moment that I realized he might never ever make creme brulee, but this gift was money well spent!

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Clan Hill said...

The visualization of coming home to jason in his underwear toasting marshmallows is priceless!